Tuesday, 15 January 2019

As soon as we moved into this house last December we knew our first big remodel project was going to be the master bathroom. It was a typical 90s builder grade with no personality. Our last house was an old Victorian and I loved all of the traditional character of the space, so I was itching to bring some of that classic style to life in our new home while keeping the tones and finishes modern. Here is a look at the master ensuite before, and the plans for our classic transitional bathroom makeover!

Before - 90s Builder Ensuite Bathroom

To give you an idea of where we were starting from, here are the photos from the original listing. The shower felt like a submarine closet, the pedestal sink offered zero storage, and the corner tub layout took up valuable space. 
90s Builders Grade Ensuite Before - Small Shower Corner Tub

The Plan - Classic Transitional Ensuite Oasis

On our wish list structurally for our master bathroom were three things: a double sink vanity with plenty of storage, a larger glass shower to open and brighten up the space, and a free standing tub. I love the fresh and clean feeling of bright white bathrooms, but knew I wanted to keep it from looking sterile or plain so I made some bolder tile choices to add some interest to the design. Here is what we landed on for our ensuite plan:

Classic Transitional Bathroom Inspiration
The room itself isn't huge so space planning was extremely important to make sure we could fit in all of the features we wanted. I found some free tools online to help me create a space plan and rendering with similar fixtures and finishes (more on that soon!) to help give me a wholistic view of what we wanted to show our contractor. We're now through the major construction phase and I can't wait to show you more once we've completed the final details! 
What is your favourite interior design style? 

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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Happy new year friends, I hope you all had a blissful holiday season! As we take down all the holiday decorations I think it's interesting to read what experts have dubbed as the home decor trends for the new year. Trends come and go, obviously what's more important is creating a home that feels right for you and your family, but as someone interested in interiors and doing a lot of work in my own first home I love looking at what is going on in the greater design world and what I can lift and adapt to fit my personal taste. Here are some 2019 home decor trends I am excited about this year, and the real homes that have been inspiring me!


A general pattern I see to most of the trends being touted in publications and by companies and industry professionals is a shift from more of the minimal aesthetic of late to a more bold and unique styles. While I love a classic simple design, I've always been a huge fan of the craftsmanship and character of historic homes. Small details like drawer pulls and moulding can add so much interest and personality without having to break the bank!

Playing With Colour

Soft tone on tones are super dreamy, but I've been seeing a lot more contrast in colour palettes for this year. Dark moody walls, colourful kitchen cabinets, bright sofas, mixed metal fixtures, I'm here for it. While I'm not quite ready to paint an entire room navy (though I've been tempted) we've been slowly incorporating more rich tones in our home with some bold coloured accent furniture pieces, and accessories like pillows and artwork. Playing with contrast in metals for hardware and lighting I think is a simple but high impact touch to add to a room. We've gone that route with our bathroom designs (see our master bathroom plans here) and are loving the look!

Back To Nature

Wood, stone, jute, the trend of incorporating the beauty of natural materials is still going strong this year, and I think it makes for a perfect compliment to some of the more bold trends of 2019. Natural elements help to bring life to a space and keep it looking fresh and organic. The visual contrast and texture gives me all the homey feels.

What do you think of these 2019 home decor trends? Are you making any changes in your home this year?
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Monday, 17 December 2018

We are officially 7 sleeps away from Christmas Eve, and I feel like this season always seems to fly by in the blink of an eye. During this time of the year we often feel a strong call to give back to our communities, but there is so much need it can seem overwhelming. I promise you, giving back doesn't have to take a lot of time or money! Here are 6 easy ways you can give back this holiday season (and beyond!).

holiday table setting give back to your community

Give your home

This is one that I feel particularly called to in this season of life. A home is a gift that can easily be shared with others! Simply invite people over - friends, family, neighbours, people who are away from their home and may not have anyone to share the holidays with this year. It doesn't have to be a huge undertaking or a fancy meal. This year we are hosting a drop in party after Christmas and inviting our neighbours to come by, in hopes that we can learn more about the people we are living with and connect with our community.

Give time

Whether it is time with someone you know or someone you don't, the gift of quality time is so precious. In your own circle you could arrange a coffee, lunch or even just a phone call with someone you want to show love to and connect with. In your community, check out local organizations on social media and see if they are hosting events/reach out to see if they could use a hand with serving, wrapping, or even just visiting with people who need it most.

Give money

This may seem like an obvious choice, but as the year closes out many organizations are in the final stages of planning and budgeting what they can accomplish in the upcoming year. If there is an organization or a cause close to your heart, be generous with an end of year gift that allows them to continue and grow in doing great work that you may physically not be able to assist with.

holiday baking give back to your community

Give physical gifts

Again, this one may be a no brainer but physical gifts can be a huge blessing. This year our church collected pyjamas and meal cards for a local center for psychological care. Donate canned goods to local food banks. Buy or bake some holiday treats and take them to your neighbours or local businesses. Sort through your family's closets and donate items that no longer serve you, but could be a blessing to someone else!

Give thoughts & prayers

This is something that could easily be overlooked, but I have recently learned how much it can impact someone else's day. Take time to pray for someone, write them a personal letter, card or even a text message letting them know you are thinking about them or praying for them. The holidays can be a joyful, busy season but also a sad, stressful season. Ask your friends and family if they have prayer requests (leave a comment or send me a message if you need a prayer warrior yourself!) or take a look through the comments on this video. If you are an active consumer of content online, take the time to send your favourite content creators gratitude and encouragement for the work that they do.

I hope these have sparked some ideas for simple ways you can give back to your local community. How do you like to give during the holidays? Share what you're doing this year in the comments, I'd love to get inspired!

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