Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Beauty Basics: Winged Liner

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Over the past few years, a classic winged liner has come to be my signature look. Because I have hooded eyes, adding a subtle flick helps to instantly lift the eyelids and emphasize my lashes. I've had a couple people in the last few months ask me how I get "the perfect wing", so here we are. With the combination of the right product and a little bit of practice, I can get this done in 30-seconds or less everyday!
I always start out with a thin line all across the base of the eyelashes, starting from the center, moving to the outer corner and stopping just where the lashes start to thin out in the inner corner. For my eye shape, I avoid going all the way into the inner corner as that tends to close up the eye.

STEP 1 | Find the angle you want your wing to take by pointing the tip of the applicator towards the end of your brow. Think about where your eyelashes naturally fan out when they're curled. Because I have smaller and slightly down-turned eyes, I find it more flattering to have my wing every so slightly inward from my very outer corner.

STEP 2 | Stamp the applicator against the skin so it makes a straight line. This will be the base for your flick.

STEP 3 | With the tip of the applicator on the tip of your wing and the whole applicator still pressed against the skin, drag the tip down towards the lashline with a bit of pressure. This will both taper your wing perfectly to meet your lined lashline, and fill in the flick at the same time. I find this is the key for getting a smooth, seamless shape!

STEP 4 | Sometimes, especially if it is getting dry or running low on product, the applicator will skip a little while you were tapering towards the lashline. No big deal! Use the tip of the applicator to fill in any bald spots.

STEP 5 | This is optional, but to pull the whole look together line your waterline with a black, or dark coloured waterproof pencil. This one is my absolute favourite. This fills in any gaps you might have left between the liquid liner and your lashline, and helps blend everything together for a seamless look!
Did you find this helpful? I hope so! Don't forget to check out more posts from my Beauty Basics series for simple tips to maximize your makeup & skincare! 

What would you consider your signature look?
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