Saturday, 1 March 2014

Office Emergency Kit – 12 Desk Drawer Essentials

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Being a former girl guide and all, I am a little OCD about being prepared. I don’t enjoy being caught off guard and so I have set up a little kit at the office to ensure I am ready for almost anything. You may laugh, but let me tell you, I have been in a situation where I needed every single one of these things, and being the person in the office people can rely on to have everything does have its perks!

  1. Lozenges, because being that girl who can offer a co-worker a little comfort has its benefits
  2. Mini Deodorant for freshening up before a big meeting, or those times you are late for work and forgot to put some one before you left the house. Just me? 
  3. New Skin Liquid Bandages for breaking in those killer (literally) new shoes.
  4. A Nail File because hang nails are THE worst. 
  5. Tylenol/Midol, enough said I think. 
  6. Hand Cream to save your dry little paws from those communal soap dispensers
  7. Caught in the rain? Having a bad hair day? A tiny bit of Argan Oil can help hide a multitude of hair sins.  
  8. And Dry Shampoo will take care of the rest. 
  9. Bobby Pins/Hair Ties/Claws for when you really need to get down to business and want your hair out of your face.  
  10. Tinted Lip Balm does double duty by moisturizing and providing a little life back into your face circa 2 pm.  
  11. A Mirror keeps everything in check.
  12. And a Pashmina/Scarf helps with climate control in frigid office settings.

Did I miss anything?

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