Thursday, 18 June 2015

Second Day Hairstyles For Work Or Play

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If you've been around these parts for a while you'll already know my extreme fondness of dry shampoo. I have highlighted, naturally curly and dry hair, so the less washing and styling I have to do the better. While some "dirty" hairstyles may look cute for casual wear, sometimes they wouldn't really fly in an office environment. So here are two of my favourite styles - one casual and one work appropriate - for that second, third (or even sometimes fourth, right ladies?) hair!

For both styles, start out with a healthy dose of dry shampoo and some volumizing or texturizing powder at the roots to give a bit of lift. I have very fine hair and these styles were done on day 2 and day 3 hair, so trust me when I say they make a difference!


Part your hair in the middle and separate into two low ponytails. Braid starting behind the ear in an upward direction to help prevent bunching/sagging later on. If you have clear elastics, use those to tie off the ends. I didn't have any so I just worked one side at a time.

Place a finger on top of your ear and wrap the braid over top to help it lie flat to your head. Use bobby pins to secure the braid to your head by grabbing a bit of hair and pushing them in against the grain to lock the braid in place. Don't worry so much about the ends on the first braid as the second will cover them. Once secure, pull out some wispy pieces by your ears for a laid back look.

Repeat the same process with the second braid, this time placing the second braid over the ends of the first, and wrapping the ends of the second braid under the base of the first braid. Pin to secure, overlapping pins where possible for maximum hold.

Spray and smooth down any flyaways or loose layers (this is my favourite hair spray for a non-crunchy feel), and you're done!


Divide out two sections of hair in front of your ears, then make a low ponytail at the nape of your neck with the remaining hair. If you have fine hair like me, you may want to tease your pony a touch to help give it a bit more fullness before wrapping it up and pinning in a low bun.

Taking the front sections, twist them loosely then wrap them around the back of the head, over the top of the bun and around its base. Use the locking method to help secure the hair while hiding the pins. Again, crossing pins makes for the most secure style, so overlap wherever possible!

And you're done!

What are your go-to styles for "dirty" hair?
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