Monday, 18 April 2016

Lashes to Love | Top Favourite Mascaras

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Mascara is probably my number one favourite makeup product. I think lashes can make the biggest difference in how awake, and pulled together someone looks. There are so many mascaras out on the market with so many different claims, I thought I would take inventory of my top favourites and let you see for yourself the type of impact they make!
IT Cosmetics Tightline Mascara Primer | This is my favourite mascara for the lower lash line because it is extremely smudge resistant and the brush is teeny tiny. However for no-makeup days it's also ideal just to darken up the lashes without adding a ton of impact. It's officially called a primer so it can be used under your other favourite mascara, but I prefer just to use it on its own.
Maybelline Lash Sensational | This is my current everyday mascara because it gives a good balance of separation, length and a touch of volume and stands up well all day long. I prefer the formula once it's been open for a few weeks and has had the chance to thicken up a bit as I find then it's able to build on itself more and create that volume. The brush is the perfect shape to both apply product and comb through the lashes to make sure there isn't any significant clumping. 
Jordana Best Lash Extreme | This mascara is my favourite for achieving thick black lashes. The formula is the blackest I own, and it coats the lashes instantly to give some serious volume. It has some small fibers in the formula that help build up the lashes in both volume and length. Because of that it can get a bit clumpy if you add on too many layers, but it's a great one coater that gives a ton of impact. It's definitely not at all waterproof so anyone with super watery eyes should stay far away, but for days when I'm focusing on a big lash look this is my go to.
Benefit They're Real | I've never bought a full size of this mascara, but I've had multiple minis and so it's my go to when it comes to travel. This stuff is serious when it comes to longevity so it makes a great choice for heat and humidity since it won't budge until you're ready to remove it. It reminds me of a combination of the Maybelline & Jordana mascaras I love because the formula is super dark but still creates soft feathery looking lashes. Because it's so long wearing I find it tough to remove with my standard cleansing water - but a little bit of coconut oil does the job.

Which lash look do you like best? What is your favourite mascara?

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