Wednesday, 16 October 2013

How 'bout Them Apples & OOTD

After a disappointingly gloomy Sunday, Thanksgiving Monday turned out to be the most glorious of glorious fall days. Perfect for knocking the first item off of my Fall Bucket List. I don't know about the rest of my Canadian friends, but I was full to the brim of turkey and wanted to spend a little time outside getting some fresh air and exercise before going to round 3 of my Thanksgiving dinners this year. I am a champion Thanksgiving feast-er.

So we headed over to Frootogo Orchards in Waterdown, featuring everything a seasonal lover could dream of: apple and pumpkin picking, a petting zoo, corn maze, hay rides and bakery. Perfection. We were there mostly for the apples, but being a crazy animal lover I couldn't resist taking a peak at some of the little buddies.

Just look at the size of these things!
There were so many varieties of apples, and we had to pick a couple from most, so we headed home with a $20 bag of the things. Still so worth it. The orchard itself was just beautiful and smelled heavenly. If you're curious of what one wears apple picking, though I'm sure you are entirely capable of dressing yourself, see below for a breakdown of what I sported on the apple mission. Excuse the lion's mane, it was at the end of our little trip and it was looking a bit disheveled. Note corn maze in the background.

Enjoy the view!

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