Sunday, 2 February 2014

4 Gifts for Any Valentine

V-Day is fast approaching, and if you're still on the hunt for gifts for all the loved ones in your life, here are some ideas from all different budgets to spark some inspiration.

For Him:
Leather Journal If your man is an avid list maker or writter, a leather wrapped journal is the perfect masculine sidekick. I made one for my boyfriend last year and embossed his name at the front
Gourmet Cooking Sauces .Tyler is a hot sauce connoisseur, so loves trying out different gourmet varieties. Whether the man in your life is a BBQ master or a spice fiend, putting together a set of high rated sauces is a surefire way to get to his heart through his stomach.
Video Game. Give this gift at your own risk, because it is likely you may be seeing a little less of him in the immediate future. COD Ghosts and Grand Theft Auto 5 I have been told are the 'it' games of the moment if you need some suggestions.
Wallet Phone Case. Most guys I know can get by with their phone, a few cards and some cash and they're out the door. A wallet case helps streamline the whole process and cut down on some of the bulk in their pockets.

For Her
Makeup/Brush Kit If your valentine is a beauty queen odds are she would love some new products to play around with. If she isn't already stocked, a brush kit is a great investment piece that she'll be able to use for years to come. If it's makeup you're looking for kits or sets are a no brainer. They get you the most bang for your buck, and Sephora even has some themed around Valentine's Day. How easy was that?
Custom Phone Case  If you're looking for something that you can DIY, a clear case and some fabric or scrapbook papers could be all you need for a sweet personalized gift.
Jewelry. If you've been going steady for a while jewelry is always a safe bet. I usually wouldn't spend a ton on bling for myself, but the items I've gotten as gifts often become some of my favourite pieces. Monograms, statement pieces, simple and classic, the possibilities are endless!
Bath Products. Does the lady in your life love a good pamper? Luxery bath products make great gifts. DIY some bath bombs or head to Lush for individual products or sets already to go for the big day.

For Anyone:
Personalized Mug. Initials, quotes, anything that reminds you of your sweetheart can be a great personal gift on a budget. Fill it up with some of their favourite sweets or ingredients for their drink of choice for bonus points.
An experience. Give them a home chef for a night, a weekend getaway, a spot in the drivers seat of an exotic car, anything that they may not consider getting for themselves. Arrange something on your own, or check out sites like Groupon or that have some experiences laid out for you.
Skincare. A quality skincare routine can be enjoyed by anyone, just make sure you know their skin type and what their needs might be before you dive in.
Subscription Box. The gift that keeps on giving, perfect for the adventurous type. Sign them up to receive a box a month of wine, chocolate, beauty products, tea, coffee, whatever tickles their fancy.


  1. I absolutely love Murad products! I really need a makeup traveling brush case....may have to splurge on myself ;-)

    1. Valentine's Day is about appreciation, and who better to appreciate than yourself right?

  2. This is a perfect list! I got my husband a 6 month membership to a hot sauce of the month club and he is loving it!! I made the mistake of giving a video game once - and never again haha!

    1. That's awesome! Which subscription service did you use? Totally feel you on the video games, that gift came early in the relationship and has not been repeated since. I had to convince him that playing NHL together everyday wasn't really my idea of "bonding time".

  3. I've love a subscription box! I can never pull the trigger on them for myself because I'd be so upset if I got a crappy box one month. But if it was on someone else's dime ... welll ... haha!!