Monday, 17 February 2014

5 Faves: Spring Break Essentials

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Whether you're still in school or not, February and March is the prime vacation season to get away from the freezing winter blahs and head to somewhere with warm breezes and steady sunshine. I may not be lucky enough to be taking a beach vacation any time soon, but that doesn't stop me from thinking and dreaming about it. Constantly. If you're planning a getaway this winter, here are my top 5 spring break essentials.

1. Spray Sunscreen. It can be more expensive than traditional sunscreen, but the convienence of the spray format I think is totally worth it. No more sticky sun screen hands, especially when you're on the beach needing to reapply. The lobster look is never cute, and what comes down the line most definitely is not either.
2. After-Sun lotion. I was the only one that packed this on my last vacation to Florida, and everyone else on the trip was glad I did. The Silk Hydration After-Sun has aloe gel mixed with lotion so it was cooling, soothing and moisturizing which was a nice bonus.
3. Comfortable bathing suits. There is a good chance you'll be spending most of your days by the pool or the ocean. Not everyone may be comfortable parading around in a bikini, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Tons of brands now make super flattering tankinis and one pieces. Just find something you love and are comfortable in and rock it!
4. Good coverage sunglasses. Large sunglasses can get a bad rap for being "bug eyed", but the bigger the more protection they give the sensitive skin on your face. It's all about finding the right shape for your face.
5. Cover up.  Whether you're comfortable showing off a ton of skin or not, it's good to give it a little break from the sun every now and then. There are tons of shapes, styles and colours so find one that is flattering to your body and has an element of sheerness to it for a little sexiness.

Are you going away this winter? What are your favourite things to take to a sunny destination?

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