Tuesday, 24 May 2016

4 Tips For A Flawless Fake Tan

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Coming back from the May long weekend means we've officially kicked off the summer season in my books, and that means looking forward to achieving that summer glow. I've already gone through my self-tan routine in previous years, but since then I've discovered a few new products and a few new tricks I thought I would share with you. 

Find your formula | Mousse formulas are my favourite for the body because they are easy to apply and dry quickly. I've enjoyed the St. Moritz Medium and Dark in the past, but have noticed the formula starts turning a grey colour (though the tan it leaves behind doesn't take on the same grey hue) and isn't as effective after a year, so I moved on to try the St. Tropez Express. It's a 1-3 hour process depending on the colour you're looking for, and I find it looks natural and lasts well without getting patchy. Since your face generally gets the most regular exfoliation, I find a gradual tan that mixes with my moisturizer is the easiest to maintain and gives the most natural look.

Avoid self-tan hands | I'm sure by now everyone has heard of a tanning mitt (this one is my fav), but what do you do when it comes to your wrists and hands? My favourite method is to use a makeup sponge for a seamless blend. Whether it's a retired Beauty Blender or Real Techniques sponge, or a simple cosmetic wedge, they are all great options for keeping palms clean!

Cut the creasing | When I first got the St. Tropez I actually really disliked it because I felt like it never quite set. If you find your tan leaves your skin feeling sticky, try hitting the spots that are prone to creasing (the underside of elbows and knees, and arms) with a hairdryer on a cool setting. If you still need some extra setting action, dust a light layer of baby powder over the same areas and you'll be good to go. 

Pick the right moisturizers | Keeping moisturized is key to prolonging the life of a fake tan, but some oils and citrus ingredients will actually break down your tan and cause faster fading. I've talked about my love of this quick dry lotion before and find it to be the best for keeping the skin hydrated everyday without the feeling heavy or sticky in warmer weather. Also, don't forget the SPF when you're out in the sun to prevent dryness and peeling (come back next week to see my favourites!).

Do you have any tips for achieving a flawless faux glow?

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