Thursday, 5 December 2013

DIY Custom Phone Cases

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After a brief hiatus while I have been sorting out my first ever Black Friday purchase, a new laptop and TV/monitor, yay, I am back and full of ideas for DIY projects/gifts for the near future. Ready for my first HoliDIY?

Since a phone can be considered one of your most consistent accessories, many people take it as an opportunity to show off a little bit of their personal style. Mine? Customization, and storing a ton of phone cases can be a pain. I mentioned this in my 5 favourite tech accessories post, but here is the lowdown on how I make my case inserts. Note, you can also make these with scrapbook paper if that is more accessible to you. My Mum always has a stash of fun scraps around the house for me to use, I'm a lucky girl.

What you need: 
  • Clear Silicone Case
  • Fabric Scraps (with a design you love)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Fabric Pen
  • Fray Check or Starching agent (to stop fraying and make the fabric more stiff)
  • Template to use as a guide for size/shape (cases usually come with an insert that fits perfectly!)
The process is really quite simple. Use your template to trace the shape of your insert with your fabric pen (rub or wash out are best) and then cut it out. If you are using fabric, here is where you would apply your anti-fraying agent.

Tip: If you are not using a starching agent, put some anti-fray where you will eventually cut the hole for the camera. This will make it stiffer and easier to get a clean cut when you're ready!

Place your insert into your case and make any trims necessary. Put your phone back in to create a hard surface, and trace along the inside of the camera window with your fabric pen. Cut out the window and you're done!

Tip: If you have a darker phone and are using a lighter or sheer fabric/paper, cut out a sheet of white paper with the same template and put that between the fabric and your phone. It makes the colours pop and stops your phone, ahem apple logo, from peeking through.

Include a clear case and a couple inserts as a secret santa or stocking stuffer for the holidays!

Happy DIYing!

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