Saturday, 14 December 2013

Winter Survival Essentials

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Originally I was going to title this "Winter Fashion Essentials", but let's be real; If you have experienced an Ontario Winter, it's where fashion goes to die. 90% of the time I am in work clothes, and the other 10% I try not to leave my house. That being said, here are some of my must haves for surviving the winter without looking like a total slob. 

J. Crew Saturday Pants
I have this thing where I can't seem to leave my house with sweatpants on. Even in university, the only time it ever happened was to pop over to see the convenience man next door, and even that was rare. However, going to my boyfriend's hockey games in jeans or leggings doesn't really work out for me. My Saturday Pants are the perfect marriage of leggings meets sweats. They have actual shape like leggings, but they're thick and cozy like sweatpants. Winning.

Knit Headband
I have always been a headband fan. Even though they may not be quite as practical as a regular old hat, they don't give you hat hair which is worth it for me. I love the deep burgundy colour because the majority of the rest of what I'm wearing, at least on the outside, is always neutral. It's nice to throw in a bit of colour now and then.

Down Jacket
I used to roll my eyes and laugh at anyone who dropped major coin on a jacket, but last year I invested in a Nobis Luna and it has seriously been one of my best purchases ever. I use it every single day in the winter and it is like being wrapped up in a heated blanket. I like this brand/model in particular because it is way more streamlined than the Canada Goose type puffy jacket. Hint: I tried one on in a regular retail store so I knew what size I was, then found on off Kajiji new with tags for something like 40% off!

Fleece Lined Tights
These things are a godsend. I still like wearing dresses and skirts in the winter, and it is because of these that it is even possible. A bunch of stores are selling them now so they should be fairly easy to find. Anyone in Toronto should check out the Black Market, they have them for less than $10!

Touch Screen Gloves
I will admit, I don't yet have these in my possession, but I know that when they arrive they will immediately become essentials. I have really terrible circulation to begin with so gloves are an absolute must, and taking them off is not only a hassle but also annoying because it takes my hands so long to warm back up. I ordered Glider Gloves because they have great reviews and they were on sale, but I've seen some less expensive ones at Target as well.

That wraps it up for my basic Winter essentials, nothing too exciting maybe, but they save my immune system from beating me up for 4 months of the year. I envy all you West Coasters who can get away with a peacoat for the season.

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