Friday, 27 June 2014

Loving Lately | June Favourites


How sad is it that June is already almost over? Thank you for all your birthday wishes on Wednesday's post - you are all so sweet! Since I haven't done one of these posts in a while, I figured I would catch you up with some of the things that I have been coveting lately.

Not pictured above but definitely worthy of a mention, I am loving finally being able to work from my Zero Gravity Chair in the backyard on Fridays. If you don't know what a zero gravity chair is, you need to get yourself to the Home Depot and pick one up before the mad rush of July sweeps them out of stock for the rest of the summer. You can thank me later. Second, I am absolutely over the moon about my new camera and I think you are too! Alright let's get cracking.
I've talked about purple shampoos before, but if you haven't gotten the message let me reiterate. If you are a blonde that prefers your colour on the ashier side, you need one of these in your life. In the past I've used John Frieda, but Light Blue Shade is not only cheaper, I think works better. It has a lot more blue to it and it's super pigmented, so use once per week is plenty. I've had people ask if I got my hair redone after using this shampoo - it's incredible!
This Lavender Lemonade candle I got from Target isn't the most powerful one I own, but boy does it smell good. It is the perfect fresh smell for the summer. I featured it in my Paper Night Essentials a while back, but I have been loving burning it before bed to really help me settle in for the night.
Now that summer's here I'm getting all up into my faux tan routine. This Sugar Crush Scrub from Soap & Glory is my favourite part of the whole experience because it smells just so damn good. If you're a Coke with lime fan, you need this in your life. It actually manages to capture the smell of carbonation, how is that even possible?
Ralph Rocks is my all time favourite summer scent because it reminds me of two of my favourite people. My roommate in uni gave me my first bottle of this when we were packing up to leave school for good, and the first summer I started wearing it was the summer I met Tyler, d'aww. It reminds me of some great times and also smells super fruity and delicious. You can read more about my thoughts here. I think they may have discontinued it, sadly, but I'm still able to find it in little perfume boutiques and online.
And finally, my favourite summer discovery is this Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster from Clarins. This was also featured in my tan talk, so you can go learn more about it there but I highly recommend it for anyone who loves to slap on the SPF but is wary about using their body faux tan products on their face. I think I will be buying this every summer for the rest of my life.

What have you been loving lately?

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  1. THAT is the perfume I used in high school! It's great :) I don't wear perfume anymore but that smell so reminds me of some good times. That Golden Glow Booster looks like something I'd like. Thanks for the rec! Thank you for joining our link-up!!!! Happy Wednesday!

  2. That clarions radiance intrigues me for sure! I'm also going to check out that soap & glory body scrub. Thanks for some good recommendations.