Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Pamper Night Essentials

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April showers are out in full force this week, but instead of getting all Debbie Downer why not use that extra time inside to treat yourself to a pamper night? There's nothing quite like cozying up and having some 'me' time to the sound of spring rain and your latest Netflix binge.

It may be a cliche, but candles do really help to give the evening ambiance, and this Lavender Lemonade candle from Target is a great budget buy that seriously smells amazing.

I tend to leave the scary green face masks and the sexy slicked back hair treatments to nights when the boy is not around. The Queen Helene and Macadamia Deep Repair masks are cult favourites for a reason - they really do perform to their claims. The hype is real people.

Let the masks do their magic while you hop in the tub. If you're the showering kind, grab a shower cap so your mask has the maximum time to treat your tresses. I take the opportunity to do a scrub down - my favourite is the Tree Hut brand that I am currently sad to be without. Any recommendations for a replacement?

I will admit - I'm pretty bad when it comes to keeping moisturized. My legs are extremely sensitive, especially after shaving, and I can't stand the feeling of most thick body creams. Thankfully I have recently found not one but two that finally seem to agree with me. Fast absorption without skipping on the deep moisture! I soften up with either the Garnier Soothing Gel-Cream for Sensitive Skin or the St. Ives Skin Renewing Moisturizer and pop on a pair of the Bath & Body Works Shea Socks for good measure. Even if they don't do anything in terms of moisture, they are probably the softest socks ever.

If you're still battling the casualties of the harsh winter like I am, slap some Argan Oil on your cuticles and get ready to settle into a marathon of TV/movies that you may or may not be embarrassed to watch with anyone but yourself.

What's your favourite way to pamper yourself?
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