Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Beauty Basics: 5 Essential Face Brushes

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Continuing on with the Beauty Basics series, we move into the tools of the trade: brushes. I am a firm believer that brushes can totally transform the way your makeup looks, in the best way possible, but I know the variety and price tags can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you're just starting out or building your collection, here are my must-have-most-used picks for the face.

While I use these each for a specific purpose, the beauty of these are that they can be used in application for so many different purposes - just be sure you clean them!

A synthetic kabuki style brush is perfect for liquid or cream foundations. The density helps for quick blending and synthetic fibers won't absorb and waste a ton of product.  Plus, they can double up to work with your cream blushes or bronzers. Flat top, rounded or angled is all up to preference. The Sigma F80 is an old faithful, but lately I've been loving this angled one from Coastal Scents that is even more wallet-friendly.

Traditional flat concealer brushes don't really do it for me. I've found that large blending brushes actually give the most flawless application, since they diffuse the product so it's not an obvious cover up job. They also work great for dusting setting powder under the eyes. I've used the Sigma E40 for years and it's never let me down.

A large powder brush is a no brainer if you like setting your makeup or using bronzer. They get it done quick and easy. If you tend to O.D. on the blush or bronzer, you may want to try your hand with a duo-fiber stippling brush instead. It applies with a lighter hand so it's perfect for giving you a natural glow and flush. Again, Sigma has been my brand of choice but you can always hit up Sephora if you're wary of ordering online.

Want something that is easy to transport? I'm a bit of a germ freak so tend to favour retractable brushes since they can be kept sanitary while rolling around in your makeup bag or purse. A powder and concealer brush and you're good to go for touch ups!

What are your most used face brushes? I'm always on the hunt for great staples!
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