Sunday, 6 April 2014

What Are They Good For - Lip Balms

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After my first round up post on Foundations, I thought I would next tackle my biggest weakness when it comes to beauty buying -  Lip balm. Where I live it's cold probably on average seven out of twelve months of the year, and I suffer from chronically dry/cracked lips for the majority of those seven months. Of course I like to put to the test all the things, so here are some of my most used lip balms and what they bring to the table.

 Lipsticks tend to look uneven on your dry lips? The EOS lip balms make a perfect not-too-slick base to help your lips maintain their moisture. Soft Lips are great to throw in your pocket or purse on the way to the beach or pool since they are super slim and have SPF.

The Nivea Lip Butters are best kept at home for an overnight treatment. Sanitary reasons aside, they are thick and moisturizing enough to stick around all night. If you're looking for something with a wide range of colours that still provide a good amount of moisture, you should look into the Sugar Fresh range. They may cost you a pretty penny but they are the best of the hybrid lip balm lip colours that I've found.

Last but not least, if scent/taste is big in your world, The Body Shop Lip Butters should hit the spot. There have so many flavours to choose from, they ought to have something for everyone. 

What would you suggest for my next lip balm impulse purchase?
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