Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How to Put Bad Products to Good Use

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We've all had those situations - you buy a product that just doesn't end up working for you. How disappointing is that? Well don't pitch them just yet, because today we're talking about some of my tried and true ways of putting "bad" products" to new uses!
Any powder products for the face (bronzer, blush, highlighter, foundation) can easily transition into natural eyeshadows, but my favourite ways to use face powders that didn't work well with the rest of my skin is to grab a dense brush, like the Nars Diffusing Brush or this dupe, and use a skin tone powder to clean up the edges of overblended or dark shadows. It's literally like a magic eraser for your makeup!
Have you ever bought an eyeshadow primer that just didn't hold up on your eyelids? Try using it as a mascara primer instead to help give a little more thickness to your eyelashes! You can also try it out as an under-eye concealer primer if you tend to have problems with your concealer lasting thoughout the day.
Skincare products can be tricky, so every so often you're bound to come across a dud of a face wash. Since they are designed to break down oil and dirt, and are gentle enough for sensitive areas of your face, use it to give you brushes a deep clean and get rid off all the bacteria and makeup in a breeze!

Find you don't get much use out of your waterproof mascaras? Instead of letting them dry out, grab an angled liner brush and put it to use as a matte liquid liner. It will set to a smudge resistant finish and last you all day.

And finally, turn all those loose shadows and glitters that you love the colour of but don't ever wear into beautiful custom nail colours by mixing them together with that extra bottle clear polish you have hanging around in your collection!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have your own tips for giving life to products you don't like for their intended purpose? I'd love to know!
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