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The Hit List 2014: Nail & Tool Standouts

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We've already covered my favourite Beauty and Hair/Skin/Body products of the 2014, so today we finish up my Hit List series for this year talking about my favourite nail polishes and beauty tools!
Winter of 2014 was all about the greige-taupe  polishes - Metro Chic by Sephora is no longer sold but L'Oreal Eiffel for You is pretty close and a beautiful colour as well. There's just something about a warm grey with a hint of purple looks so classy and sophisicated right?

During the spring I got a ton of use out of my JulieG 9 to 5 polish - a bright creamsicle-peach that looks like a pastel inside but glows like a neon in daylight. I got so many compliments every time I wore this colour, it is seriously stunning and unique!

This summer I discovered my perfect nude polish - Essie's Topless & Barefoot. Its slightly pinky-undertone made it the perfect pairing for my cool toned skin. This barely ever came off my nails all summer long because it just went with everything and looked great with a tan.

You probably already guessed you would see Essie's Bahama Mama on this list. I was obsessed with this colour all throughout the fall and included it quite a few posts. It's the perfect opaque deep berry-burgundy cream that looks great on fingers and toes, and lasted a surprisingly long time on my nails.
I was considering investing in an expensive blow dryer this year, but when I was caught out of town for a wedding without a blowdryer, I picked up the Remington T-Studio Ceramic Dryer and was blown away, no pun intended, by how smooth and soft it made my hair feel. For under $40 it was an amazing steal!

The Sephora Crystal Nail File, or really any glass nail file, has become an essential part of my nail care routine. They might seem like an expensive tool for what they are, but don't be fooled. Nothing gives you as smooth and cringe-free of a file as glass - plus they never dull!

How in the world does the Tangle Teaser work? I have no idea, but it's been a favourite of mine for two years running now. Somehow this little pink wonder manages to untangle my fine and curly rats nest of hair with reletive ease and way less pain than any other brush I've owned.

Costal Scents Angled Foundation Brush and my hands were my go to for liquid foundation this year. The fact that this brush is super dense and has an angled shape makes it a breeze to blend foundation even in the awkward spaces around your nose. It also dries surprisingly fast after washing compared to my other synthetic kabuki brushes, which is a nice bonus!

Real Techniques Blush Brush was an amazing find this year. The tapered shape makes it perfect for blush, brozer, powder, highlighter, you name it. It's super soft and gives me a great finish on my cheeks. When I consider purchasing more than one, you know it's a winner.

Tweezerman Travel Tweezers are not only less expensive than their original siblings, but they are mini so they can get to the finest of eyebrow hairs and help place fake eyelashes like nobody's business. 

If you ready my skin & body care favourites you'll know I got into self-tanning this year, and let me tell you getting a Tanning Mitt or two is so worth the minimal investment. They blend in the product better than any gloves could do and leave you with a smooth streak-free result. 

And finally, I brought back the Scrunchie from the 90s. No, not in public, but as the absolute best way to keep my baby fine hair from developing hair elastic dents when tied up during the night! Using a scrunchie to put my hair in a high pony or bun before bed puts less pressure one one spot of the hair, and actually helps to give me more volume when I wake up the next day.

If you made it to the end of this post, thanks so much for sticking with me! Now it's your turn: any polishes or beauty tools that need to be on my radar for 2015?

In case you can't get enough of favourites from 2014, you can pop on over to Ivory Avenue to see what made the list for my favourite beauty trends of the year!
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