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The Hit List 2013 - Skin/Hair Standouts

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Welcome back to The Hit List, where I am summing up my top five favourites in a multitude of categories. I have already gone through my winners for Beauty Standouts of the year, so today we'll be tackling the the worlds of skincare and haircare.

I'm sure if you asked my boyfriend he would agree that I have way too many items in these two categories, but unlike a lot of beauty products skin and hair products can vary massively on different people. To give you an idea if these might possibly work for you lets take a second to talk about me shall we?

I have combination/oily skin that is prone to breakouts, and because of it's generally ghostly pallor is also prone to redness and hyper-pigmentation. My hair is naturally curly, fine but I have a lot of it, highlighted every few months, and generally dry and limp. And there you have it, so let's jump right in.

Garnier Refershing Gel-Cream. I've already spouted the virtues of this moisturizer here. It's what I've used on my daily face for at least two years now.
Kirkland Facial Wipes. Again, a product that I have talked about previously, these wipes are cheap and cheerful and get the job done. Coming in packs of 150 wipes, you really can't go wrong.
Philosophy Purity Cleanser. I finally caved and bought a sample of this in October or November, and sadly for my wallet, this cleanser really is worth the hype. It's gentle but removes makeup and makes me feel soft as a baby's bottom. Now if only it didn't come with a nearly $25 price tag attached, it would be just perfect.
Life Brand Tea Tree Oil. I've tried so many spot treatments it borders on ridiculous. I don't get too many spots now that I'm out of that awkward high school/college phase, but I am prone to hormonal breakouts and they just drive me crazy. This oil has been the only thing that I've seen a dramatic difference with this year. It's curious though, I bought another brand of 100% Tea Tree Oil when I was on vacation this summer and it didn't seem to work out for me. Strange right?
Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish. You may disagree in the categorization of skin care for this one, but I rarely use it to actually set my makeup. I use this mostly as a pre-makeup spray. It helps control oil from the source, and it works great.

Batiste Dry Shampoo for Light/Blonde Hair. My favourite dry shampoo ever I discovered this year, and I think I've tried almost all the varieties out there. This baby is a quadruple threat for me. It smells divine, a slightly sweet vanilla-ish scent that isn't too overpowering, it works fantastically at absorbing oil, gives me some volume, which trust me I need, AND helps hide unsightly root growth. It looks a little scary coming out of the can, but blended in it adds just the right amount of lightness to let me get away with a few more weeks before I hit the salon in the winter when my natural hair darkens up. A+++
L'Oreal Studio Silk&Gloss Hot Straight Smoothing Cream. I have used this stuff consistently since I was in high school. It is one product that for me, does everything it claims: protects from heat, smoothes the hair, and stops frizz. I'm not kidding. I have been in the rain and this stuff still keeps my hair straight. I sometimes use it even if I'm not straightening my hair because it makes my curls less frizzy.
Samy Fat Hair "0" Calorie Mousse. I discovered this product this year, and it has become a staple any time I'm going to be blow drying my hair. It gives me tons of beautiful volume without feeling crunchy or sticky. Air drying with this doesn't work as well, but for nights out this is my hair bff.
Tangle Teezer/Tangle Tamer Max. I only photographed the Tangle Teezer, but I also have the Sally's brand Tangle Tamer and I don't really see too much headway of one over the other. I was so skeptical of this, and the first time I tried it I wasn't really impressed, but going back to a regular paddle brush afterwards felt like torture. Don't be fooled, this doesn't just magically glide through your hair, but it does make getting the tangles out a little less painful, and I'm good with that.
Alterna Bamboo Kendi Oil. This is a never ending hair oil. I swear, I've had it for almost two years now and I'm barely past halfway through, and I use it regularly. I'm not sure how much "mending" it actually does, but I find it helps make my tangley hair more manageble to brush out, and makes it feel soft once it's dried. I use it on wet and dry hair and neither makes me feel like I need to get right back into the shower. Really lovely product.

And that wraps up today's episode of The Hit List 2013! I'll be back tomorrow with some of the more random things that tickled my fancy this past year tomorrow.


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