Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Hit List - Top 5 Blogs of 2013


No doubt 2013 year was the year of the blog for me. Not only did I start this little gem you are perusing right now, I started becoming seriously dedicated to reading my favourite blogs. Bloglovin' has a lot to do with that, since it's an easy one stop show for me to read what's new in the life of my favourite bloggers. I follow almost 70 blogs now, but it is these blogs that I have looked forward to hearing the most from this year.
If you are into beauty, this is your girl. Cara does great Makeover Mondays showing how much makeup really can transform your look and liven up your confidence. She's super real and down to earth when she shares bits and pieces from her personal life, and she has the cutest little family.
IHeart Organizing
I may not be organized in real life, but boy do I love drooling over the pretty organization that Jen does on this site. Every time I read a new post it gives me the energy to try and tackle something and whip it into shape. If you need some of that in your life, get on it.

Nadine not only has massively cute dog Archie but she's funny to boot. She has so many insightful posts that I can relate to, and her blogging tips have really helped me navigate these new waters this year.
Kelly has the most gorgeous decor, DIYs, and seriously hilarious posts. She really inspired me to start my bedroom redesign, which I'll be sharing a little bit more in a future post! I love that she gets things done without taking herself to seriously.


Dana is a fellow Ontario native who shares my affinity with design and creativity. Her blog is stunning to look at and she has posted some of the most helpful tutorials on blog design I've read for those of you who are not as comfortable with dealing with code. She recently started a spin off site completely dedicated to web design which I have also been loving.

And there you have it folks! That wraps up my seven day posting spree celebrating and sayonaraing 2013. If you have stayed with me during this series I hope it was to your reading pleasure, and be sure to let me know what you would like to see from me in 2014!

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  1. Oh wow! I was just swinging by to say hi and am so shocked and honored to be on your list! Thank you SO much. (PS: I met Jen from I Heart Organizing a couple times and she is JUST as sweet in person, or more so, as you'd think from reading her blog. Loved her!)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and being an inspiration to me over the past year! I can imagine that she is just lovely to get along with, you're lucky to have had the opportunity to meet her!