Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How to Thrift Like a Pro - 10 Tips to Master Thrifting

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I am, and always will be a big proponent of thrifting. Some of my favourite items of clothing and home decor are from thrift stores and have cost me next to nothing, however I do understand some people's hesitation when it comes to hitting up the thrift store. To help you with the art of thifting, here are ten pieces of advice before you head out.

1. Location, Location, Location.
Get to know the stores in your area. This may take some time but you'll start learning which ones tend to get the best stuff. As a general rule, the more affluent the area usually the better the better the finds.

2. Be patient.
It can take some serious time to sift through the garbage and find the diamonds in the rough. Make sure you're prepared to spend a good chunk of your day in there.

3. If you're looking for something, you probably won't find it.
Thrift stores are unpredictable by nature, so if you have something particular in mind they can be the most frustrating place on earth. Unless you're planning on doing many regular trips, don't go in with too high expectations. The best things are always the ones you just happen to stumble upon.

4. Know the sales.
Most thrift stores will have weekly sale days, get to know the ones in your area so that you are hitting up the best deal possible.

5. Look for potential, but not too far.
Sometimes all a piece needs is a good scrub and it's good as new, but don't fall into the trap of buying junk just because it's cheap. Really think about whether you'll really get around to fixing that hole up before it comes home with you.

6. Shop the whole store.
Two of my favourite things I've found at the thrift store are a cardigan that was in the men's section and a denim jacket that I found in the kid's section. Don't be afraid to go outside of your gender/size section.

7. Try everything on.
Just like in any other type of clothing shopping, just because it looks one way on the hanger, doesn't mean it will translate the same on your body.

8. Layers are key.
To avoid having to wait in line for a change room or keep going back and forth, dress smart the day of. Leggings, a plain tank top and a cardigan are my usual thrifting outfit. Most things I'm able to try on without having to step into a change room.

9. Bring a friend.
Not only will it be more fun, but you're more likely to be 100% satisfied with your purchases if you get a second opinion. Be careful who you bring though, make sure they are ready and willing to make the trek through the racks with you!

10.  Enjoy the treasure hunt!
Honestly, you really have to be in the groove to have a good thrifting experience. If you don't enjoy the idea of spending the time finding the little treasures - stay home and shop online.

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