Saturday, 11 January 2014


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I have been planning on doing a little refreshing of my bedroom for some time now. Though these plans may not come into fruition for a couple of months (I may be moving if I get some good news at work!) I thought I would share some of the pieces that have inspired the new design.

It started out with a simple colour palette. I've always loved the colour teal, instead of going the more extreme route that I did in university by putting the colour all over the walls, I decided to feature it as an accent instead. Going neutral with the walls will allow for a lot more customization in the future if I feel like changing things around.

I've always loved the idea of a feature wall, but after the sticker shock of wallpaper, I looked into more of a DIY route. Time consuming yes, but the end result looks fantastic. I'm thinking of doing the pattern in a clear gloss or metallic finish instead of a contrasting colour to give the wall some dimension. Mirrors are a beautiful way to decorate, but why put to waste the ones I already have. Since I won't be buying any furniture, changing the knobs is a quick and easy way to freshen things up. My work space also has to fit within my bedroom which means that it can look a little cramped. A ghost chair may help solve that problem. Finally, to bring back a bit of interest and colour, pastel and metallic accents.

Looking for any of the tutorials or photos that inspired me? You can find them all in my Bedroom Refresh board on Pinterest.

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