Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 InstaYear in Review

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Welcome to 2014 on TVIB! Kicking off the new year I'll be bringing you a new post every day for the first week of 2014. I hope you enjoy ringing in the new year with me!
It seems somewhat cliche, but I do think it is important to reminisce every so often so that you don't lose sight of what makes up the important moments in your life. When it comes to reflecting on the past year, I must say, thank the Lord for Instagram. The modern day photobook has allowed me to bring you this compilation of some of the most memorable things for me in the past year. 2013 was definitely a year of milestones for me, which can't exactly be captured on film, but here is a glimpse of what my life has looked like over the past 12 months. If you would like to see more of the bits and clips of my day to day life, you can go on over and follow me on instagram to keep up to date!
NYE 2012 // Canadian winter wonderland // spring (yes, spring) at the cottage // Muskoka flooding // gloious spring // anniversary/birthday blooms // summer walks with my favourite boys // my bff returns from Israel // crazy rain storm in Toronto // perfect cottage weekend with my besties // hanging with the dolphins in Estero Bay // most incredible sunsets in Fort Meyers // apple picking // SAE Foundation sends kids in Zimbabwe to school // turkey time with my family // my brother's second album release // crazy ice storm takes out the tree in my backyard..and my power // welcome to my family Christmas.

I hope you all had an incredible 2013 and a fabulous New Year's Eve. See you tomorrow!

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