Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Perk Up Tips for the Sickly

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I don't know about you, but when I'm feeling under the weather it's difficult enough to get out of bed everyday, let alone try to make myself look presentable. Alas, unless you are bedridden, life must go on. Here are a couple of tips that I have been using lately to stop myself from looking like a hot mess on those dreaded mornings.
Wash up.
Even if you are not generally a wash-in-the-morning type of person, just do it. I like using a simple, gentle cleanser for my face that isn't full of acne fighting products. It not only helps me wake up, it helps to start the day feeling a little less..gross. Don’t forget to moisturize that parched skin of yours and really let it sink in before jumping into the beauty routine.

Keep it light.
Opt for a tinted moisturizer/BB cream or mix a bit of moisturizer in with your regular foundation to lighten it up. There's nothing worse than feeling strangled by your makeup. Keep the rest of the look simple: a little blush to keep you from looking completely dead, curled lashes and lots of mascara. If you need some colour in your life, gloss/balm is your girl. Stay away from the lipstick and your dehydrated lips will thank you.

There’s nothing like a bun on a miserable day.
Am I right? A little dry shampoo, a little sock in your hair and you’re good to go. It’s out of your face and keeps you looking clean and not as disheveled as you may feel on the inside.

Accessorize strategically.
Keep outfits simple and comfortable and add a couple of fun accessories to keep it interesting. Scarves are like a little security blanket that you can carry around with you without judgement. They also happen to make a nice little pillow for if you need a snooze on the go. If you feel more like yourself with a little bling, go for a non-heavy stud earring since your ears are already on show.

Get up.
If your job is anything like mine, you’ll be on your tush for most of the day. It’s easy to sit down and get lost in the blahs of every day business. I usually start to wear out by lunchtime. If the weather isn’t bad, get outside. Nothing like a bit of fresh air to perk you back up. If not, maybe walk the stairs of your building or go for a little stroll to the lunch room/cafeteria for a cup of tea. Taking breaks always makes me feel less lethargic.

Here's hoping that Punxsutawney Phil and Wiarton Willie predict an early exit from the Polar Vortex (could they have picked a more ominous name for a weather pattern?) and we can start nudging our way out of the deep freeze and flu season. Feel better sickies!

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