Wednesday, 11 March 2015

How to Get {And Keep} Big Hair

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As someone with super fine and limp hair, getting volume that sticks around has always been a struggle. In the last few years, I've tried so many different ways of adding volume that I now have a routine down for when I feel like adding a bit of extra va-va voom to my flat locks.


1 | Get all the product build up and grime that could be weighing down your hair out by using a clarifying shampoo - it will give your hair more natural lift. You'll know from my latest empties post that this one is my favourite. 

2 | Grab your favourite volumizing mouse and use a dollop not only on your roots, but also distribute through the lengths of you hair. A little goes a long way so don't overdo it! This will give more shape, thickness and texture to your whole head, and avoid the dreaded crunchy feeling. Not all mousses are created equal, but I've had good look with this one for years.

3 | Rough dry your hair upside down until 80% dry, making sure to direct air flow down the shaft of your hair for less frizz.

4 | Add the concentrator nozzle and use a round brush to focus on the crown of your head. Boar bristle brushes give more smoothness and shine to the overall look. Hair shape is fixed while it cools versus while it's heating up, so leave the brush lifting the roots for a minute (or use velcro rollers) after you've finished drying a section to achieve the ultimate lift!
If you have to use a flat iron to smooth out the rest of your hair - focus on the ends and avoid the roots so you don't pull out all the hard work you just put in!


1 | I've mentioned this before, but one of my favourite ways to keep my hair from getting flat overnight is using a scrunchie to tie my hair up in a super high pony. It keeps the roots lifted all night long and is way less tight on the hair so minimizes the risk of kinks. If you don't have a scrunchie, a large hair clip can be used too.

2 | Dry shampoo will help soak up all the oils that weigh down the hair - but most aren't designed to do much more than that. The Batiste XXL Volume is my favourite because it does double duty and is mess free. There are also tons of other volumizing powders on the market that can be used for the same purpose after dry-shampoo. These will leave a residue in your hair, but the grip they give your roots is amazing!

3 | I don't regularly feel the need to tease my hair if I follow the routine above, but if I'm looking for serious volume to last for a long time, I'll do a bit of light teasing after using a volumizing powder. Using a teasing comb is the best way to get volume exactly where you want it.

Following these steps, I can get and keep volume in my fine hair for days! What are your big hair secrets?
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