Friday, 13 March 2015

What's In My Gym Bag

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If you follow me on instagram, you'll know I recently picked up some new gym gear, which inspired me to share a few of my gym bag staples. Besides the standard running shoes and water, here's what you'd find if you took a peek into my gym bag.

CLEANSING WATER | Because my gym is at the office, I often go straight after work with my full face on. Removing makeup is a must, and while I used to use makeup wipes I found they were really making my skin feel dry and tight. Using a cleansing water (you know I love this one) has been great because it removes makeup without stripping my skin. Plus it feels super refreshing to use post-workout as well. 

JEWELRY POUCH | I'm always wearing at least one piece of jewelry to work, and I find tossing them in a small pouch versus straight into my bag helps keep them from tangling up or falling apart.

TANGLE TEEZER | My hair tangles so easily so when putting it up after a long day there is almost guaranteed to be a mini rats-nest to deal with. Tangle Teezers are great for on the go because they're super compact.

COCONUT OIL | This may seem strange, but I love taking a little bit of coconut oil with me to the gym because it is so multipurpose. Since my hair will be up and I'll be washing it afterwards anyways, I'll sometimes use gym time as an opportunity to do a moisturizing treatment on my hair. I feel like the heat from my workout also helps it really absorb into my hair. If after my workout my skin feels really dry, I can use a little bit to moisturize it before I head home home (it can take me almost an hour to get home from the office) and do my full skincare routine.

APPAREL | Most of my workout clothing at this point is from Old Navy and Target. They both have really great activewear lines that don't break the bank. The Champion Capri Leggings are my favourite workout pants because they have a high rise (nothing is worse than constantly feeling like you need to hike up your pants when running) but don't cause me to overheat. When I'm warming up or running outside in the spring the Old Navy pullovers are the best because they're light weight, hold up well in the wash, and have so many fun colours in store. Plus they have thumb holes, and I think that speaks for itself.

DRY SHAMPOO | I keep dry shampoo in my gym bag for the occasions that I have to make a stop on the way home and don't want to look like a greasy mess. This one from Lush isn't my favourite for regular use, but it's small and portable so it gets the job done for short spurts.

Now I'm curious, what are your must haves for the gym?
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