Thursday, 15 October 2015

Blogiversary & Reader Survey

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It's hard to imagine that I've been blogging for two years - two years! I've learned so much and "met" so many amazing ladies in the blogging community, and I am so thankful for every one of you! I thought I'd do a little roundup of some of my favourite posts over the past year in celebration of TVIB's second blogiversary, and find out what you'd like to see in this space in the future!


This past year I really fell in love with putting up outfit posts. I have to give Jana and Maegen a special shout-out for The Creative Closet which helped me break out of my shell and experiment a bit more with the clothes in my closet. I loved cohosting, especially when it involved getting my sparkle on for the holidays!
The fall and spring are my favourite times of the year because you can go to town with your accessories and layers without having to worry about extreme temperatures. This outfit may have reminded me of Carmen Sandeigo but it's been one I've repeated so many times since!

Last but not least, this skirt is still a regular feature in my work wardrobe for fall, but summer date night outfit tops my list of favourite fair weather outfits!


I still to this day use my DIY Natural Brush Cleanser recipe for spot cleaning my brushes, and it has been one of my most shared/viewed posts of all time! A few simple, multi-purpose ingredients and your brushes will be clean as a whistle. 

I've had so much fun so far with my Colour Story series so far, but Purple was definitely a highlight for me since it pushed me out of my comfort zone to try something new that I ended up loving! Don't worry, more of these posts are coming down the pipeline for some fun fall colours!

Isn't that such a bummer when you spend your hard earned cash on something that don't work out for you? Well I put together a post on 5 ways to put bad products to good use, and a lot of you seemed to love it too! Would you be interested in a part two?

Thank you so much to all of you you have stuck with me for the past year, and welcome to any new readers! I'd love to know what you would like to see in the future of this blog - so if you could take a few minutes to fill out the survey below I would so appreciate it!

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