Friday, 5 September 2014

Trash Talk - August Empties

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Empty Product Reviews | Getting back on the blogging train since coming back from vacation has been such a struggle y'all, but September is here and that means it's time to take a look through what is hitting the trash this month. I think by now you will all know what that means, so let's just get into it.
Exfoliating Cotton Review |
I picked up these Exfoliating Cotton Rounds from Walmart after hearing some great things about the Target brand, which they don't sell in Canada. I thought they would be great for quickly removing nail polish, but I was sadly mistaken. These were pretty awful. They fell apart so easily and the "exfoliating" side quickly became useless after use on one nail. 

Recommendation? Just go ahead and steer clear of this one.
Batiste Dry Shampoo Review |
Would it be an empties post from me without at least one can of Batiste Dry Shampoo? I go through this stuff like water so it should come at no surprise to see this. If you want to know what I think you can check out my round up of all my Dry Shampoo exploits.

Recommendation?  I think I'll be using this stuff for the rest of my life.
Hawiian Tropic After Sun Review |
If you read my August Favourites post from yesterday this will be a familiar with this Hawiian Tropic After Sun Moisturizer. I finished up this bottle while on vacation last month, and it could not have come in more handy.

Recommendation? I'll definitely be picking up another bottle next year, it's become a summer staple!
You guys, this is probably the fastest I've ever used up any product in my whole life. This Clarins Radience Plus Glow Booster is probably my favourite product of the whole summer. A made to measure facial self tanner that doesn't break me out? I'll take ten please.

Recommendation? I am picking up a second bottle of this ASAP. Even as the summer fades, it will be nice to have this on hand for when I think my skin needs a little pick me up in the winter!
David's Tea Green & Fruity Review |
Last but not least, something a little different that I had to share. This Green & Fruity tea from David's Tea has been one of my favourite teas of all time, but especially during the summer. I think the description speaks for itself, but I'll just say that I have a huge tea collection and I've still managed to finish two full canisters of this in the past two years. 

Recommendation? If you're a fruity tea lover, I highly recommend checking this out. I'll definitely be refilling my canister this month!

Isn't finishing up products so satisfying? What did you have in your trash pile this month?

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