Thursday, 27 August 2015

5 Hacks For Busy Mornings

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The end of summer is always a busy time, whether it's getting ready for back to school or having to leave the house earlier to beat that back to school traffic, I'm sure we've all had a couple of those mornings where you just can't seem to get it together. Here are five ways you can help your morning routine run a little bit smoother - even in a rush.

1. Put your dry shampoo in the night before.  We all know dry shampoo is my bff, but not just for using on greasy haired mornings! If you don't think you'll want to/have time to shower in the morning, apply dry shampoo liberally to your roots and let it work it's magic overnight to soak up all the excess oils. In the morning just run a brush or your fingers through to work in any left behind, and you're out the door!
2. Do you skincare routine first. Washing/moisturizing your face as soon as you get out of bed not only helps wake you up instantly, it also gives your products a bit of time to sink before you go to apply your makeup.

3. We've all heard it before, but pick out your outfit the night before and try it on. This has made the biggest difference in my mornings, because it helps you both streamline the process of getting dressed AND stop leaving your closet looking like it's been hit by a tornado. Make sure you try on your outfit and know how it looks so you don't need to change pieces out while you're in a rush!

4. Invest in a couple of multitasking products that will not only get you more bang for your buck, but also in less time!
5.  Lastly, cut down on clutter and have an organization system for your products. The last thing you want to do on a busy morning is waste time hunting through your bathroom or vanity for your favourite products. Get rid of things you don't use and set up a system so you know where everything is when you start your routine. That could mean separating your products by category or keeping a little bag with the bare-minimum essentials - whatever works for you! 

Do you have any tips for mornings you're running late?
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