Friday, 10 October 2014

Beauty Basics: 5 Tips for Covering Acne & Scarring

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Having clear skin is one of my biggest confidence boosters, but sometimes no matter what your skincare regimen is you may suffer from the odd bought of acne. Whether it is an active breakout or hyper pigmentation left behind, here are my top tips for covering spots.

1. Keep the area moisturized. Our automatic instinct is to pile on the acne fighting ingredients in order to make the breakout go away faster.  However, when it comes to disguising acne, the only thing worse to cover than an active spot is a dry and flaky spot. Apply a facial oil to the area you will be covering let sink in before applying makeup. I use the Jose Maran Argan Oil Light for this and it works beautifully.

2. Select the right concealer. There are different formulas for concealer, and selecting the right formula can make all the difference. A liquid or cream is your best bet, because they provide a little bit of extra moisture that prevents the area from getting dry and noticeable.

3. Find a perfect match. Colour is especially important when it comes to hiding imperfections on the face. Anything too light or too dark can work against you and actually draw attention to the spot. Having a few different colours of your favourite formula, or a concealer quad like this one or this one is great for getting your perfect custom shade.

4. Use a blending brush to apply light layers. Traditional flat concealer brushes have never worked well for me. They can pile up too much product and make things difficult to blend. Instead, I use a clean eye blending brush to gently swirl the product on the problem area, and blend it out seamlessly into the surrounding skin.  Don't pile on product right away, use light layers and build up to coverage you need.

5. Set with powder to ensure it doesn't budge. Especially if you have oily skin, don't forget to set your work so it stays all day. For this purpose, the finer the powder the better. A super matte or high coverage powder may suck away the moisture you've added and make the area look dry and cakey

Do you have any secrets for covering up imperfections?
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