Wednesday, 18 February 2015

8 Must Have Apps For Bloggers

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Today I thought I'd take a little side step from my usual fashion & beauty posts to talk a little bit about my other passion: blogging! Skipping over the standard social media apps, here are my 8 must have apps for organizing, tracking and posting to my blog and social media.

Notability | I'm definitely more of a hand written note taker, but that's not always an option when you're on the go. Notability is my favourite note taking app because you can easily insert photos, hand drawn doodles and even voice memos to your notes, as well as mark up existing pdfs. It's simple, clean and easy to organize and back up notes. I picked this up while it was Apples "Free App of the Week" but I would definitely say it is worth the regular $2.99 price.
Google Analytics | Want to check up on how a scheduled post is doing throughout the day? The Google Analytics app will be your best friend. A few of my favourite features: seeing real time visits for when scheduled blog or social media posts go out, and seeing behaviour patterns during the week to show me when the majority of traffic is getting to my blog. It helps me know what time to best schedule posts to go live.
Hootsuite | Writing, photographing and publishing for your blog can take a lot of hard work - so in order to give that post the attention it deserves scheduling social media advertising can be the best return for your time. Hootsuite is most familiar to me because I also use it at work, but there are plenty of platforms out there that do similar things. I use the app to check on and schedule social posts on the go, and also as a place to easily interact with others using similar hashtags.
 Camera Plus | If you take a lot of photos on your phone, this is a great app that gives you a little more manual control than the standard phone camera app. You can set the resolution, focus, and put it in self timer or burst mode. Bonus: The app will pair with other devices to create a mobile remote for snapping photos. Again, I picked this one up during a week when it was free, but it has great features and still comes in at a lower price point than other similar apps.
Rookie | My favourite app for photo editing is Rookie. It gives you tons of options for free filters, with the ability to pay for additional filters if you so desire, and enought editing tools to easily take standard phone photos to the next level.
Moldiv | I don't usually do a ton of collage-style photos on my Instagram feed, but for when I want to fit more than one photo in a frame Moldiv is my go-to. I mostly use it for simple side by side layouts, but it has a ton of options including some really nice magazine style collages, and can be used to add text overlays as well.
Squaready | As someone who regularly shares outfit photos on Instagram, the standard square can be a bit restricting. Squaready is my last step before posting a photo to Instagram. You can have it auto adjust to fit the whole picture, or adjust the sizing/placement of the boarders manually. Something to note: If you set up your Instagram photos to share to your twitter feed, adding a top and bottom border will allow it to fit within the image preview for your followers.
Latergramme | As of right now, Hootsuite can't be used to schedule Instagram photos - that's where Latergramme comes in. While it doesn't actually post your content for you, you can pre-upload photos, write out captions and set a post time. Once the time comes it sends you a push notification, and you can post your scheduled photo with a few taps from the app. While it's not perfect, it's great for people like me who could just as easily forget to post anything at all.

I highly recommend keeping an eye out for the App of the Week - it's a great way to get powerful apps for literally nothing. If you don't like it, you can always delete! What apps do you use to keep organized and on schedule for your blog?
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