Monday, 2 February 2015

Pin to Post - Snowed In Edition

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How many outfit ideas do you have pinned to your favourite style boards that you've never actually attempted to recreate in real life? I'd by lying if I said that was most of what you'd find on my Style Files board. This weekend, since I definitely jinxed the weather and was stuck inside during a snowstorm, I decided to take inspiration from a casual look I could easily put together from pieces I had in my closet.
Flannel: Garage {exact} | T-shirt: Walmart {similar} | Leggings: Express {exact} | Necklace: Sears {similar}
I consider my style to be typically more on the feminine side, so putting together something a bit more "grunge" was definitely out of the ordinary for me.  Even though I skipped the sunglasses, purse and heels, because I definitely I wasn't going anywhere, I took inspiration by the monochrome palette, leather accents, and threw in a chunky statment necklace to add a bit more interest. All in all still keeping it functional for a day mostly spent sipping tea by the fire, but something that will definitely be repeated out in public this season.

Have you ever recreated one of your favourite outfit pins from Pinterest? Are you a fan of these types of posts? Show me your favourites and I'd love to give them a shot!
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