Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Dry Lip Fix

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If you're anywhere where temperatures head below the freezing mark, chances are you've been recently hit with some snowstorms and icy winds too. I know, I jinxed it and I couldn't be more sorry. In this weather my lips usually take a turn for the worse and head straight into full on chapped mode, but this year I've discovered a new routine to keep the flakes at bay! 

Step 1. Exfoliate
If you're like me the idea of mixing up a homemade scrub sound like a fun idea maybe a few times year. However, without the crucial step of removing all that dead skin, the rest of the process won't really do much good will it? Enter the ELF Lip Exfoliator - the lazy girl's smooth lip BFF. Just pop off the lid and you're ready to go to town. 
Step 2. Protect
Traditional lip balms can only do so much in terms of deep hydration, but they do have an important purpose: to protect your delicate lips from the elements. Apply generously to create a barrier from the harsh winter air and sun. Ingredients like menthol can actually dry your lips out more, so avoid those ingredients in your balm of choice, and anything that is application ready without the use of fingers is more sanitary for on the go.

Step 3. Deep Moisture
Unlike traditional balms and salves, oils get absorbed into the skin and can really work on healing already dry and cracked lips. They will also soften the dead skin for easy removal in the morning. This one from the Body shop contains soy, olive and rose oils and is in convenient packaging for application, but coconut oil works really well also! I layer it on and let it sit for a minute before moving on.
Step 4. Seal
Sealing in that oil before bed is an important last step for me - it helps keep it on your lips working it's magic all night long! Whether it's using a lip mask or a simple salve, combined with an oil this routine has been a huge saviour to my lips this season.
Do you suffer from dry winter lips? What are your favourite products to combat them?
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