Friday, 20 February 2015

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

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Happy Friday friends! Since we're all looking toward the weekend, I thought I'd keep it light today and share some of my beauty confessions. Because no one is perfect right?

I am almost always making a mad dash not to be late in the morning, that sleep - it's just too good, so if you are running into me on an average day there's a good chance there won't be that much more to my face than foundation, liner and mascara.

Sometimes I will go for an entire month before changing my nail polish.

I never sleep with makeup on. The one time I did accidentally, because I had the flu and was too tired to get out of bed, I got pink eye and have been terrified ever since. TMI?

I do however, frequently fall asleep with my contacts in and wake up thinking I've been "cured". The struggle is real folks.
Spiderman Glasses
As I told Carly, I hate shopping for foundation like I hate shopping for jeans. My skin is just so sensitive to changes in products that I will repurchase the same one for years before getting the itch to change it up.

My coworker and I have at least three identical pieces of clothing that have dated as far back as high school for both of us.

I have a drawer full of lipsticks where maybe 20% have seen the outside world. They are just too pretty to leave alone at the store right?

You can typically tell how much sleep I've gotten by whether or not I'm wearing my glasses.

Now that I've laid it all out, it's your turn - do you relate to any of these? What's your biggest beauty confession?

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