Monday, 13 April 2015

April Showers

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Finally we are starting to see the beginnings of real spring weather around here. A week of stormy days is much preferable to any sort of solid precipitation in my books, so I say bring it on. Besides, it gives me an excuse to revisit my favourite thrift store find ever.
Coat: Thrifted - The Bay {similar} | Dress: Forever 21 {similar} | Boots: Winners {similar}
Necklace: Nadri {exact} | Watch: Asos {similar}

Does anyone else find the "inbetween" seasons the absolute best to dress for? Give me spring and fall styles any day. I know sometimes it can seem less exciting to get dressed on dull/dark days, but I'm a firm believer that an outfit can make your day just that little bit brighter!

How do you brighten up a rainy day?
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