Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pantone Spring 2015 Nail Art

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A few weeks ago I came across the Pantone Spring 2015 Colour Report and instantly fell in love with the whole palette. Since multi-colour nail art isn't something I wear on a regular basis, I was inspired to try and incorporate as many colours as possible into something that would be both simple and wearable.
 And this is what I came up with! After loving the striping tape I received from Born Pretty Store in my colour block mani a few months back, I decided it would be the perfect tool for getting these crisp peek-a-boo coloured stripes. Here's how you can accomplish the same look yourself:
STEP 1 | Paint each nail with a different shade you want showing as the stripes in the final look. I went for: Tangerine, Aquamarine, Strawberry Ice, Lucite Green, and Toasted Almond. Make sure you let these colours dry completely before moving on.

STEP 2 | Apply nail striping tape in whatever pattern you'd like to show through on the nail. Make sure you remember what order you've layered them!

STEP 3 | Doing each nail individually, cover the nail and striping tape with one coat of an opaque white polish, I used Sally Hansen White On, and before letting the white coat dry peel off the layers of tape to reveal the colour underneath.

STEP 4 | Allow the nails to fully dry, and seal the design in with the topcoat of your choice. I decided to go matte since it gives a nice soft look, but it looks just as good with a shiny finish.

And you're done! Which of the Pantone spring colours are you most excited about this year?

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