Thursday, 30 July 2015

4 Products For Better Brows

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It wasn't until the last two years that I put any energy into my brows, but once I realized how much of a difference giving them a few minutes in the morning made I never looked back. A tamed and filled in brow helps frame your face, bring attention to your eyes, and make you look more polished overall. Finding colours that work for blondes with darker brows can be a challenge, but I've finally landed on a routine that I like, and no matter what colour hair you have these products would be something to try!
Tweezerman Mini Tweezers | These tweezers are amazing for getting at even the finest hairs that need some attention. I prefer the small size because they're more precise while still being a slant tip. Plus they're a little bit cheaper so that's always good!

NYX Micro Brow in Taupe | This pencil is amazing at getting precise, natural application of colour that sticks around throughout the day. It's a drier, waxier formula which requires a little bit more pressure when applying, but means that it is less likely to sweat off during a hot day than any creamier formula. There is a blonde shade in the range, but I found it much too warm for my brows. Taupe makes for the perfect cooler tone for my brows without being too dark. The spoolie on the end of the pencil is great for grooming as well. If you've used and loved the Maybelline Define-A-Brow pencils, this colour is almost identical to Dark Blonde, but has a more precise tip and better staying power!

Anastasia Brow Gel | This stuff is seriously amazing for taming unruly brow hairs. My brows are on the fuller side and definitely need help in this area. Using the smallest amount of this product will ensure your brows set and stay in the shape you like without feeling crunchy or looking shiny. Beware, too much of this can feel like cement in your brows so use a light hand!

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Brunette | If you're looking for a one step brow product that doesn't break the bank, this one is for you! I use this on days I'm in a super rush or am just looking for a little bit of definition and hold. This product doesn't have fibres in it so it won't "plump" the brows like many colour gels claim to do, but since I have full brows already that is ideal for me. The wand isn't as tiny as  the Benefit Gimme Brow, but it is small enough to work for me, and the colour was actually better for my brows. This product is pretty opaque, which is why the Blonde shade in this range didn't work for me. It was visibly many shades lighter than my natural brows, but would be perfect for those of you with naturally light eyebrows!

Are you a powder, pencil or pomade type of girl? What is your favourite brow product?
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