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How To Care For Damaged/Bottle Blonde Hair

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I have to say I never get tired of hearing my stylist say "you have such soft and undamaged hair for a blonde". Colouring your hair at all can be damaging, but bleach takes it to another level. Here are the products I used to keep my long, fine, highlighted hair in peak condition.

I tend to cycle through a couple of different varieties of shampoo at all times, but I always have three distinct types in the rotation - a clarifying shampoo, a blue/purple shampoo, and a regular not-too-moisturizing shampoo. Blue shampoo is a must have product if you like to keep your hair on the cooler side, as it helps deposit a little bit of colour on your roots to keep the brassy yellow tones at bay. Since I use a lot of dry shampoo (more on that later) I use a clarifying shampoo once every week or two to help get rid of any build up that could be weighing down my super fine hair. The Live Clean Apple Cider one is a bit more gentle than others that I've tried and doesn't leave the hair feeling totally stripped. I've never found a regular shampoo that I'm particularly loyal to, but something that balances the hair without being too moisturizing will allow your hair to last the longest between washes.
If I could recommend you try out one product for your hair, it would be this one: The Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. I've raved about this for years, but I swear it is my secret for soft, frizz-free, manageable blonde hair. It was after I started using this that my stylist started making comments on my hair's condition, and I haven't looked back since. I squeeze out the excess water in my hair before I apply so it doesn't dilute the product, run my hair through with a wide tooth comb to ensure the product is distributed throughout the hair, and put a shower cap on to let it sit while I go about your other shower business to let it really soak in and work its magic. 
Once out of the shower I use a few products to help keep my already damaged hair from any further damage. Before I use any products I'll put my hair up in an old t-shirt to help remove some of the water without roughing up the cuticle. Once it's damp but not sopping I use It's a 10 to act as a heat protectant, detangler, leave in moisturizing treatment to help prevent breakage. I'll use a little bit of the Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil before and after drying to help tame frizz and make my hair super silky. If you're going to brush your hair when wet The Wet Brush is the way to go. Even with my super fine tangled mess, this brush just seems to glide through the hair without ripping at it.

Side note: If I'm going to be blow drying, I'll use some of the Samy Fat Hair Amplifying Mousse to give my hair body and keep my roots from getting greasy from being pressed flat to my head.

I know you've heard it so many times, but the less frequently you need to wash your hair, the better it's condition will be. Batiste is my favourite dry shampoo because it comes in a ton of different scents and formulas so I don't get sick of it. If you have a bit of a warmer blonde, the Light & Blonde shade will also help to mask any root regrowth a couple of weeks down the line. It does come out of the bottle a yellow-tone so if you're an ashy blonde you may want to stay clear, but I find it works well for me once I blend it in, and keeps me from having to go back to the salon for three months. To add a bit of moisture back into the hair on day 2 or 3 I'll use the Wen Replenishing Mist if I feel the ends are feeling a bit dry. I've heard dry conditioners are now a thing - have any of you tried them?

And there you have it - my tried and true blonde hair care routine. What products do you use to help with damaged hair?
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