Monday, 14 March 2016

5 Bad Beauty Habits I'm Guilty Of

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If you're a regular reader of blogs, you know that everyone has their own two cents when it comes to beauty wisdom. Do you ever find yourself reading or passing on advice that is more "do as I say not as I do"? Well here are 5 pieces of beauty advice I can't seem to follow!

"Sleep on your back" | I will say I have tried and tried to break this habit, but somehow throughout the night I always end up on my stomach with my face mashed into my (non-silk) pillows. This likely causes tugging on my skin, and may mean my pillow is soaking up all great skin care ingredients I put on my face before hitting the sheets. Back sleepers - how do you do it?!

"Always use clean brushes" | I think this is one that many of us can relate to, right? Washing brushes takes so much time! I do try and keep my foundation brushes sanitary using my DIY Natural Spot Cleaner since liquid/cream products are the first to harbour nasty bacteria, but my powder and blush brushes especially could definitely do with a more regular cleaning appointment.

"Don't touch your face" | At work and while I'm asleep I am almost constantly leaning my face in my hands, and the majority of my spots start out as tiny bumps/clogged pores that I just can't leave alone. Recently I've been trying to break the latter habit through exfoliating instead of picking, but the former is unfortunately pretty ingrained in my daily habits so much so that I hardly realize when I start doing it!

"Start early to prevent aging" | I am in my mid-twenties and I don't use any specific anti-aging products. In my mind, making sure my face is cleansed and moisturized is a big part of the process, but I'm sure I could be more diligent in using serums and eye creams (which I do see the benefit of but always forget to include in my routine!). Anyone have recommendations on products in these categories?

"Throw out old makeup" | This one is probably the worst habit of them all - eek. It takes me so long to get through a foundation, it's likely I have it for longer than the recommended year mark. If the formula/scent changes or the ingredients start to separate I know it's time to hit the trash, but is it difficult for anyone else to get rid of unfinished products even if you know it's time to go?

Do you relate to any of these? What are your worst beauty habits?

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