Friday, 4 March 2016

Overwhelmed & Optimistic | Friday 5

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Well hey there friends, apologies for dropping off the earth for the past two weeks! I had a little heart to heart with my friends over on snapchat (tvibblog) about the state of life and the blog, and got the encouragement I needed to start a Friday series wrapping up a week of thoughts, plans, and general life. 

1. Anyone else been hit by the cold from hell? I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting back to myself after a cold/sinus/asthma combo that took me out for almost half the month of February. That coupled with a some fun but time-intensive work events sucked up all my energy this month. BUT the school year is coming to a close so while that means it's crunch time, it also means that some relief is around the corner!

2. February Favourites? Since I've been sick, I have been keeping to the same general standbys that I talked about last month. I figured a whole post wouldn't be necessary, but instead I'm going to do a little round up of lifestyle & beauty loves over on snapchat (tvibblog) this weekend. Lifestyle favs were always a bit hard to photograph so hopefully this will be an easier way to share some bits I'm loving. Keep an eye out for that!

3. Wedding planning is hard. I'm barely at the start of the planning process and am already feeling completely overwhelmed. We had wanted to get married up in cottage country since it's a place that is close to both of our hearts, but availability and expense is making it look like that may not be a possibility. The important thing is that I get to marry my best friend, but now we're back to square one on finding a venue and date, which we had hoped would be in Fall 2016...

4. On the up and up: I'm finally going to have some time this weekend to take blog photos and I could not be more excited! I'm starting back up my Colour Story series with one I've been meaning to get around to for forever, and picking back up on the outfit posts. Any other things you would like to see?

5. Getting organized. When I showed my updated computer desktop organization on snapchat a while back I had a couple of questions on the wallpaper I used. It's one I designed myself, but I wanted to make it available to any of you who are looking for a fun way to organize your files! You can download the calendar version here & one without the calendar (I've used that section for notes in the past) here

What have you been up to this week? 

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