Friday, 25 March 2016

Ice Storms & Disappearing Comments | Friday 5

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1. Tyler was in the hospital this week for a minor surgery, but his healing has been going really well and he's already walking without major pain. Hallelujah! I'm hoping that means this coming week/weekend we can do some venue touring!

2. This first week of spring I think we've had more snow and ice then we had most of the whole winter. Yesterday my car was completely covered in ice, as in I couldn't even get in! It's reminding me of the ice storm we had a few years ago around Christmas. I'm really hoping that this week is the last show of winter!

3. Yesterday I went to respond to your comments and realized that ALL my Disqus comments had disappeared! After some discussion with the CBB community, I realized that it's a support issue for Blogger. I managed to get most of them back by following these instructions - but if you use Disqus and you're on Blogger I would keep an eye out!

4. If you're not following Karly (msinthemidwest) on Snapchat - go do it now! She's been sharing some updates on plans for their house, and I love a good home reno. She has amazing decor style and I can't wait to see her plans come to life!

5. I hope you all have an amazing Easter weekend and are able to spend time with your friends and family!

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