Friday, 15 August 2014

Friday Favourites - Blog Lovin

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I thought I would switch things up a little for this Friday's post, and share some love to some fellow bloggers that make my days just a little bit better with their amazing content. I love reading all kinds of blogs - lifestyle, beauty, fashion, design, so I thought I'd link up with Amanda and share with you some of my recent favourites!
If you're looking for some help to get your blogging life organized, check out these awesome tips to keep organized by Carly at Carly Blogs Here! I know I could use all the help I can get in the organizational category.
image via Carly Blogs Here
If you haven't already seen Mia's tutorial on this Bronze Glam look, get yourself over to Make Me Up Mia and learn how to achieve this beautiful look yourself! It's glamorous but totally achievable which makes for a winning combination in my books.
image via Make Me Up Mia
Tami wrote a great post this week about how to deal with uncomfortable conversations that is both so true and hilarious. I could definitely learn a thing..or five about this subject.
You all know how I feel about sparkle, so how could I not love this look from Jana for the Creative Closet last week? Is that not the most amazing shirt you've ever seen?
image via Life Could Be a Dream 
And finally, this amazing bedroom overhaul by Jenna Sue is so inspiring. You have to see it if just for the incredible before and after!
image via Jenna Sue
I find so much inspiration and gain so much new knowledge through reading blogs, I just couldn't resist passing these on!
I'm always looking for a great new read, what are some of your favourite recent posts? Share a link with me in the comments and spread the love for your favourites!
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