Friday, 1 August 2014

Trash Talk - July Empties

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With it being summer I'm using much less product in my daily rotation. I skipped out on last month's Trash Talk post and you can see from this month's round up that the amount of products I've finished up so far this summer is pretty minimal. Regardless, let's get into it so I can go and take out the trash.
By now you're probably sick of hearing me talk about Batiste Dry Shampoo, so I'll just keep it brief. If you're new to these parts check out my What Are They Good For post on Dry Shampoo and that should tell you everything you need to know. I wish I could repurchase this right now, but I can only find it at Ulta in the US now.
This Garnier Gel Moisturizer has also featured heavily in my Trash Talk posts in the past - it's the perfect summer moisturizer for those with combo-oily skin and so I go through it like water. Will repurchase over and over for the foreseeable future. 'Nuff said.
This Vinyl Gloss in East End Snob from Rimmel may not be even close to empty, but it's hitting the trash regardless because it's been in my collection for far longer than I care to admit. I believe they still sell this, and if you're a lip gloss person it may be something to consider. A beautiful nude-pink with a bit of a pearl shine to it, it is great to add to the centre of a nude lip to bring back some dimension. I wouldn't repurchase because I hardly ever wear lip products, but if you do I highly suggest checking it out.
This L'Oreal EverCreme conditioner was just so-so. I didn't find it to be as "intensely nourishing" as it claims, but it was an alright run-of-the-mill conditioner. I will say that the smell is definitely the most intense part about it. I loved it at first, but after using it for months in my rotation I started to get sick of the overwhelming sweet caramel-esque scent. I probably wouldn't repurchase, but not because it was a bad product.
This Equate (Walmart brand) Nail Polish remover met an early death because my clumsiness knocked the last little bit all over my carpet - lovely.  Since it didn't do any permanent damage, I'm not really sorry it happened. This stuff wasn't all that great anyway. I wouldn't buy the same kind again, even though it was delightfully inexpensive. I can never seem to make myself spend money on something as disposable as nail polish remover, but I've heard so many good things about the Zoya formula. Anyone tried it?
And finally, unfortunately ending on a sour note - this Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm was pretty awful. It may feel nice going on your lips, but don't let that deceive you. About two minutes later all of the moisture was gone and my lips almost felt drier than they were before I used it, forcing you to reapply approximately seven hundred times a day. Don't waste your money, there are so many other lip balms out there that actually do something. You can check out my recommendations here

And that wraps up this month's Trash Talk! Happy Civic Holiday weekend for all my Canadian friends!

What products have you finished up in July?

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