Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bioderma Dupe? Marcelle Cleansing Water Review

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If you have read any blogs or beauty mags this past year, you'll know that cleansing waters were the next big thing. These products tend to come attached to claims that they are able to do it all: remove all traces of makeup, cleanse skin, and tone all in one simple step. Bioderma was the first out of the gate and became an instant beauty cult favourite, but is there something at a lower price point that gives it a run for it's money? If you read my latest Trash Talk you'll know that I hinted that I had found exactly that!
I found the Marcelle Soothing Cleansing Water on a recent trip to Winners and decided to give it a go. When I tried it I was instantly impressed, but wondered how it really stacked up in comparison to Bioderma. Above I swatched a long wearing liquid lipstick, waterproof mascara, and waterproof eyeliner to see how easily the Marcelle and Bioderma waters would remove these product. First up: Bioderma.
After a few swipes Bioderma easily removed the lipstick and eyeliner, but needed a bit more scrubbing to remove all traces of the waterproof mascara. So how did Marcelle compare?
They performed virtually identically! If anything I would say the Marcelle cleansing water required a little less elbow grease to get the final bits of mascara to disappear. When I looked into the ingredient ingredient lists, I found they were also very similar.
I love cleansing waters because they don't feel like they are stripping your skin quite like facial towlettes, but don't leave a greasy residue like many makeup removers. I do always follow up with a cleanser, but if you wear very light makeup or were feeling particularly lazy one night, it could do double duty with a little extra attention. The best part of this little experiment? In my local drugstore Bioderma will cost me upwards of $25. I found the Marcelle on sale for $6. I think that's a no brainer! Unfortunately both of these options are difficult to find in the US, but you can order the Marcelle version through their website. UPDATE: If you are looking for it on Marcelle's website, it has been repackaged and is now called their "3-in-1 Micellar Solution".
Are you a fan of cleansing waters?
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