Monday, 28 July 2014

Beauty Basics: The Base

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I am of the personal belief that if you are going to focus on one aspect of makeup, make it your skin. I don't know about you, but a great skin day does so much to boost my confidence. A good skincare routine is half the battle, but for those of us who don't have a flawless complexion 100% of the time a good base is essential.

A great face base can be achieved using four simple products:

Step 1: Foundation
While there are tons of great foundations at the drug store, if you're a makeup noobie I highly suggest heading to Sephora to talk with one of the employees about your particular needs. If you're going to splurge on one item, foundation is the way to go. You can always take home a few samples to test them out before making the commitment! Here are some of the foundations that I have tried over the past few years if you're looking for some recommendations for a normal-oily complexion.

Remember: foundation doesn't need to cover up every imperfection. It's better to spot conceal later than to lay on the cake face. Apply in light even layers and make sure to blend! Fingers can work, but I personally prefer using brushes in my application. You can read about my staples here.

Step 2: Conceal
Covering up your under eye circles can instantly lift your face and make you look more fresh and awake. You can also cover up any other imperfections that may be peeking through your foundation. I love this concealer quad because I can use it all year round.

Step 3: Powder
Even if you are not prone to an oily complexion, it doesn't hurt to set your concealer so it doesn't crease or budge. Transparent setting powders look beautiful, but be careful when using them for photography as they can set off an extreme flashback if you're too heavy handed. 

Step 4: Blush
As someone with a pretty strong natural flush, until the last two or three years I never thought I needed any help in the cheek department. However, I highly suggest picking up at least one blush that compliments your skin tone, as it really helps to give life back to the face after applying your base. 

What products make up your staple foundation routine?
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