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The Hit List 2015 | Hair & Nail Care Favourites

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Happy New Year friends! Anyone else not entirely looking forward to getting back into the regular swing of things at work/school? Well to soften the blow, let's get back to talking about the best of the best from 2015! Last week was all about skincare standouts, and today we'll be getting into the best of the best hair & nail care products of the year!

Hair Care

Live Clean Apple Cider Shampoo | I still haven't found my perfect everyday shampoo, but this clarifying shampoo made a big impression on me this year. It does the job of getting rid of any build up of product (I am a dry shampoo junkie after all) but always leaves my hair feeling soft and looking shiny - something I've never experienced from a clarifying shampoo!

Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil | If you've been opposed to the feel or weight of hair oils in the past, you're going to want to give this one a shot. It is incredible at smoothing and protecting my hair without feeling thick or heavy. I got this last Christmas and have only used a quarter of the bottle, talk about value!

Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque and my It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In are two time winners  for the best moisturizing tag team for my hair. I tried so many other conditioners and leave in products but none could knock them out of the top spot!

Hair Styling

Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo | If you've been following for any length of time you'll know that Batiste is my #1 when it comes to dry shampoo. This year the XXL version came into the picture for when I wanted long lasting volume in my super fine, flat hair. It adds a ton of grit and texture that allows the hair to build on itself without the need for teasing, but isn't super messy and doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy the next day like some other volume powders I've tried. 

The Wet Brush | My hairstylist used this once on my hair this year and I bought it on the spot. It's the best thing I've ever used for detangling damp hair! I still use last year's winner for the majority of my dry hair detangling, but this has taken the top spot for use after the shower!

Croc Clips & Meta Grip Bobby Pins | I almost completely abandoned the hair tie in favour of clips for overnight hair styling. Using bobby pins for my nightly top knot turned my naturally frizzy curls into voluminous waves, and the crocodile clips made original styling and keeping my styles in kink free a breeze.

Nail Care

ORLY Bonder Base Coat | Since my favourite Revlon Colourstay Base coat was discontinued, I had to go on a hunt this year to find a replacement. ORLY was the standout as the rubberized formula is amazing and gripping onto colour and extending the wear.

L'Oreal Infallible Nail Colour | The infallible formula was my favourite discovery of the past year, and I wore it on my nails all the time through the winter and fall of 2015. I even did a full review showing how it faired through nearly two weeks of wear time, and the results were amazing!

Essie "Ignite the Night" | The top polish shades of 2014 continued to live on my nails this year, but this shade is the most memorable new colour purchase I made in 2015 because it is literally so stunning on the nails
Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover | Last, but definitely not least, this nail polish remover completely changed the game for me this year. It makes removing polish (even glitter!!) so quick and painless, that changing up polish colours was way less time consuming! No mess and no bulky packaging means this will likely have a permanent spot in my nail drawer for years to come!

Phew that was a long one! Is there anything in the hair/nail department I'm seriously missing out on? Let me know, and look for the grand finale of the Hit List coming on Wednesday: standout beauty products of the year!

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